Curt as a photographer

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Curt has thirty years in the financial field as a manager for a large mortgage  company.

He is a veteran of the US Navy and belongs to the VFW and American Legion.

A family man with three children and two grandchildren, he is concerned with our public schools and neighborhoods.

Curt is well known for his great photographs and his generosity to the community, school sports teams and community activities.

Veterans organizations and the Special Olympics are among his passions. 


Curt receiving his wings

Curt working an accident in horrific weather

Curt with another photographer

Curt at a game working late

Curt working at home on photos

District 92 - An area made up of small towns and agricultural lands

92nd District

Warrington Twp.  4.54K                   

Monaghan Twp.         2.63 K

Fairview Twp.      16.75K                 

Dillsburg Borough      2.56 K

Newberry Twp.   15.28K                 

Carroll Twp.           5.99 K

Franklin Twp.         4.78 K                 

Age %:      23.1%    children   (0-17) 

                  14.6%     seniors  (65+)     

                   35.9%     older adult  (40-64) 

2015 census York County Age Statistics




Family life is very important and needs to be nourished in our fast paced society.

Curt's Tyrone Family

Curt is originally from Tyrone, Pa. a small town near Altoona. It is a farming and industrial community nestled in a lovely valley between mountains.  His Mother Virgie is shown in the middle of this family photograph wearing the light blue jacket. She worked as a writer and photographer for a newspaper to support her large family.  She still volunteers doing community service. Curt's Father was a sports commentator.

Curt and his sons Hayden and Evan at Evan's graduation from the Va. police academy

Hayden, Evan and Curt

In March of 2018 Evan Werner graduated from the police academy for Henrico County, Va. his father Curt and his brother Hayden are shown on this photo. A long time supporter of the police and 1st responders this was a proud day for all of them.

Grandchildren enjoying time with Grandpa...

Curt with Shirley

At a recent fire company event

Curt and Shirley share many interests including family, writing, photography, art, sports and their communities.  Shirley, a retired Landscape Architect and Curt a photographer met several years ago at a local celebration for an historic site.  Curt is well known in the community for his sports and local  event photographs.  Shirley admired his work  and as they say the rest is history. 


Curt Receiving the Friend of the Polar Bear Foundation Award

John Rinehart

April 18, 2015 · 

On one of the worst mornings of our lives, Curtis Werner's "job" required him to stand in the driveway with Cheri and I while we watched flames destroy our house. He is not only an exceptional photographer but also does his work during emotional events with a kind and calming professionalism. One of the photos he took that morning, and gave to us the next week, is a constant reminder that the people who got out of the house safely are far more important than any "things" we may have lost that morning. Since then he has never failed to share any pictures that he has taken of Jonna at school and sports activities and has always gone out of his way to capture the memories from the Polar Bear Foundation events. It was a special privilege for me to be able to take his picture as he received the "2015 Friends of the Foundation" award at last night's Gala. I was also one of the handful of people who was able to see his reaction when his name was announced and he realized he wasn't there to photograph the award winner.I'm a paragraph.

This was an unsolicited message sent to Curt after he received the above award


Close Friends Rob and Robin

Full of fun and friendship

Friends for many years who organize dance parties for the community and have supported Curt's political aspirations.

Shirley working with an agriculture group

Christmas luncheon with Seniors

Spending time with community at the Little Red Schoolhouse

Annual event for Special Olympics

An extremely cold and frosty day

Special Olympics Polar Plunge held each year to raise funds for this program raises thousands for the group.  Curt covers this event and many others for this worthy organization.

Curt receiving a fire company award

Veteran's Luncheon

Special murals depicting early history of Kralltown

In the middle of a farming village

This past summer two murals painted by local resident Lisa' Miller were dedicated at a community gathering in Kralltown. Curt photographed the ongoing project and Shirley wrote a couple articles on the history of this small town. They both attended the dedication.



Our veterans need support and have earned our respect